Delight your customers with a great Email Plan

Social media has been the cool kid on the block for the last decade, but email remains the marketing channel with the highest ROI, by a long shot.

If done well, Email is a great way to engage with your users, build a brand, or sell more stuff. Some of the things Cense Data can set up for you is:

  • Email drip campaigns (for onboarding for example)
  • Email Marketing Automation (When a user takes a particular action on your website)
  • Cart Abandonment emails
  • A/B tests (test on a portion of your list before you send the winning template to everyone)
  • List segmentation (depending on where and how the email address was collected)
  • Reactivate users that you haven’t seen in a while
  • Email reporting to measure the performance of the channel

We place careful attention to the following:

  • Email creatives, to ensure they display correctly on all browsers and ESPs
  • Tagging the campaigns to ensure accurate analytics data
  • Monitoring delivery rates and ensuring compliance to all laws pertaining to Email
  • Scrubbing the email lists to ensure you have a high quality list
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