Customer Journey Tracker for Google Analytics

Google Analytics uses 1st party cookies in order keep track of actions that users have taken on your website, and determine certain metrics such as the number of people who are new to your site vs people who are returning to your site. Provided the data is good, Google Analytics’ reporting tools can help you understand your customer journey, as well as how to attribute goal completion across different channels.

The trouble is that cookies are not a persistent means of collecting data of your users over a long period of time, since a significant portion of users delete their cookies regularly, or visit your site using several devices.

Some of the standard reports that would be affected are:

  • Frequency vs Recency
  • Active Users
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Assisted Conversions
  • Top Conversion Paths
  • Time Lag

This list does not even include all dimensions in the user-scope which you could use in your custom reports. Would you rely on a report that is off by 25%?

Introducing Customer Journey Tracker for Google Analytics

Instead of Google Analytics attempting to identify the new vs returning visitors to your site, you can use our tracking solution to identify new vs returning visitors to your site. Our solution uses a more sophisticated approach to user identification and is more accurate than using just cookies. That means even if someone deletes their cookies, you can still see the whole picture of how they interact with your online properties.

Some of the benefits include:

  • More accurate LTV reporting
  • Better Attribution across channels
  • More insights from assisted conversions
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